VENTED FILM CANS STIL “Analog Preservation”

Reference: KMMM00000013

VENTED FILM CANS STIL Analog Preservation (Film 35 mm-lenght 300m
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STIL Analog Preservation vented film cans are made of 100% prime quality polypropylene, totally inert and unbreakable; they meet ANSI, AIIN and SMPTE standards assuring the best possible solution for long-tern conservation and storage.The exclusive design of the cans allows the prompt evacuation of the gases produced by the deterioration of the film contained inside the can. The closure is assured even in case of an accidental fall; the peculiar interlocking shape makes it easier to stack the cans. 16 mm cans can be used also for the storage of 7” and 10” audio tapes.

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XS1 - Acid Free
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