LOW PRESSURE TABLE MOD. NSD 1 dim. 32.5x24 cm

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LOW PRESSURE TABLE MOD. NSD 1 dim. 32.5x24 cm
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Request information

NSD 1 is a cold wedge-shaped micro-table for interventions on books and manuscripts.
NSD 1 is equipped with a low pressure system which provide a uniform distribution over the entire working surface.
NSD 1 consists of:
- a wedge-shaped working surface in PVC/PE, dim. 35x25 cm – 10 mm thick, with built-in air suction ducts and removable porous surface;
- a noiseless electric vacuum cleaner mod. WET for dusts and liquids, equipped with power-speed regulator.


- Power supply: 220V single-phase

- Power consumption: 1200W

- Vacuum cleaner air flow: 210 m³/h

- Vacuum cleaner pressure: max. 2500 mmH2O

- Weight: working surface: 700 g / total: 12 kg

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XS36-tavole a bassa pressione

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