LUMINAIRE CTS ART LUX 100LW 98 LEDs 5000°K and 8 LEDs U.V.

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LUMINAIRE CTS ART LUX 100LW 98 LEDs 5000°K and 8 LEDs U.V.
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for studio and site use, with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and High CRI (Colour Rendering Index) daylight and UV light composed of:
- an adjustable projector made of aluminium/steel with microprismatic screen in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) size 120x200x35 mm;
- no. 98 daylight LED 5000°K;
- no. 8 UV LED;
- a bracket for adjusting the inclination, with a clamp for fixing onto suitable supports;
- a touch controller with buttons ON/OFF and +/- to adjust the light intensity and 3 m cable for connection to the power supply;
- a power supply unit 240V – 50-60Hz with low voltage output 48V;
- a small hard case.

To complete the Luminaire CTS ART LUX 100LW it is necessary the TROLLEY CTS ART LUX T or the CLAMP JOINT CTS ART LUX M or the ARTICULATED ARM CTS ART LUX B.


- Absence of UV radiations
- Absence of IR radiations
- Very long life (ca. 100.000 hours)
- Low energy consumption


- Power: 19+16W

- Colour temperature: 5000°K (daylight LED)

- Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >97% (on 15 colour levels)

- Wave length: 365 nm (UV LED)

- Luminous flux: 2800 Lumen (daylight LED)

5500 mW (UV LED)

- Flux output cone: 60°

- Weight: 800 g (luminaire) – 2.35 kg (total weight of accessories and case)

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XS45 - lampade

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