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Intervention kit to react quickly and effectively against water damage. It equips people who can intervene on the premises, limit the spread of water, identify and safeguard the objects affected, and begin to clean the premises affected by the extent of damage suffered. This kit contains: - Personal Protective Equipment: 2 Tyvek suits (1 Woman, 1 Man), 2 pairs of protective eyewear, 2 fluo warning vests, 2 pairs of rubber boots (1 Woman, 1 Man), 2 ponchos, 100 disposable protective aprons, 2 dust masks, 2 pairs of thick gloves (1 Woman, 1 Man), 12 cotton gloves. - Cleaning equipment: 1 absorbent broom, 1 standard broom, 1 seal, 5 rubbish bags, 2 sponges, 1 shovel and brush, 2 Smoke Sponge sponges, 50 A4 polyethylene zipped sachets, 10 absorbent wipes, 2 microfiber cloths. - Identification material: 1 notebook with stand, 2 pens, 2 markers permanent markers, 50 labels Tyvek, 1 disposable camera. - Lighting equipment: 1 dynamo torch, 1 headlamp. Water Response Equipment 4 Absorbent Cushions, 10 Absorbent Bags, 1 Eyelet Cover. - Safety equipment: 1 white and red safety strip (50m), 1 roll of ultra-resistant adhesive (50m), 1 high-strength nylon rope (14,60m), 5 safety light sticks, 1 blade knife multiple. In addition to the flood kit we offer the additional kit for 1 person as well as absorbent pads L 1m20 with a capacity of 6 L (sold in packs of 20) and absorbent sheets of very high capacity (20 L) can thus be used as a real barrier (type "sandbag"). In contact with water it turns into a gel to retain water. Very heat resistant it can be placed near the fire source. Dim. 570 x 420 x 5 mm.

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XS108-Kit emergenza post alluv

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