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TRAP FOR SILVER FISH (pack 30 pcs)

Reference: KPRM00000015P

TRAP FOR SILVER FISH (pack 30 pcs)
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Thanks to this trap, you will be able to have a triple action: • preventive: to be alerted of the infestation from its beginning • counting: to identify the pests present and to measure their importance • curative: to begin to treat the infestation Trap food particularly adapted to capture silver fish but also thermobia, museum anthrene (larvae) and anthrenus sp. (larvae), attagenus smirnovi Zhantiev (larvae) and psids (for books). Transparent it is easy to control the content. There is no direct contact possible with the glue. Sold in lots of 30.

Characteristics: transparent and hermetic structure (the dust does not enter the trap). Attractive tablet (shelf life 12 months). Stable and non-flowable liquid glue. To place on a smooth and flat surface, near a wall. Dim .: H 10 x W 118 x D 111 mm.

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XS42 - disinfestazione

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