CTS's growth is a testament to commitment, passion, and hard work. What started as a personal challenge evolved into one of the main reference points for providing quality materials and equipment for restoration and conservation. This success was driven by the desire to preserve the authentic and human nature of the company, even as it expanded to different countries, establishing connections and collaborations with leading institutions such as restoration centers, superintendencies, restoration research centers, and preventive conservation entities.

Since its founding, the company has embraced the opportunity to grow through research and development, creating different business units and spawning other companies. This constant commitment to innovation has allowed CTS to stay at the forefront of new technologies and methodologies in the restoration and conservation field, creating additional solutions for each specific need. An example of this is the branch that offers archive solutions: founded in 2009, it's now an international market reference. Every product and solution offered is the result of meticulous study, testing, and continuous improvements, ensuring customers have access to the latest and best available options. From the initial 50 items in the first commercial proposal in 1984, we now offer over 5,000 stock references, which further multiply through a long list of customizations.

CTS's entrepreneurial vision has been pivotal in shaping its journey. The constant commitment to improvement has guided every decision, enabling the company to adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the sector. However, what has truly made CTS a context of progress is its dedication to teamwork. Success has never been solely individual, but the outcome of a passionate and united team that shares the same values and goals, even across generational shifts, with the second generation now leading. Attention to colleagues and the well-being of the work environment has been central to the company's construction. A culture of respect, trust, and mutual support has turned CTS not just into a workplace but into an extended team where everyone contributes to achieving common goals.

From its inception, the company has established strategic partnerships with other specialized and leading companies in the sector. These synergies have led to exceptional results, as the skills of different entities have merged to create complex and advanced solutions. Openness to new ideas and a willingness to learn from others have given rise to a network of valuable collaborations that contribute to keeping CTS at the forefront.

CTS's growth has not only been economic but has also had a positive impact on the community and the environment. CTS is committed to sustainable community contribution, promoting social projects, and supporting charitable initiatives. Furthermore, the company strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by adopting sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions, both within its premises and concerning products and packaging.

CTS's story testifies to how an ambitious entrepreneurial vision, teamwork, and dedication to employee well-being can lead to extraordinary results. As we move toward the future, we remain firmly grounded in our core values, ready to grow, innovate, and collaborate to face the challenges that lie ahead. CTS's story is a narrative of constant growth, cooperation, and commitment to the future. The company has shown that values of integrity, innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility are the foundations upon which a solid and ambitious project can be built.