Tergeosan Products
The partnership between CTS Conservation and Tergeosan allows CTS to sell Tergeosan products. This collaboration is crucial because it allows CTS to expand its product range, including advanced technologies that can be used for the preservation and protection of archival, library, and cultural assets. Furthermore, the secure and certified solutions offered by Tergeosan ensure that the assets, operators, and users are protected throughout the entire conservation process.In conclusion, the partnership between CTS Conservation and Tergeosan represents a significant opportunity for both companies. For CTS, it means being able to offer its customers advanced and certified technologies for the preservation and protection of cultural assets. For Tergeosan, it means having a reliable partner that can distribute its technologies in new markets and to new customers. Together, CTS and Tergeosan can offer complete solutions for the conservation and protection of cultural assets, contributing to preserving cultural heritage for future generations.In sintesi, la collaborazione tra CTS Conservation e Tergeosan è un'opportunità preziosa per entrambe le aziende. Per CTS, significa poter fornire ai clienti tecnologie certificate e all'avanguardia per la protezione dei beni culturali. Per Tergeosan, significa avere un partner affidabile per distribuire le sue tecnologie in nuovi mercati e a nuovi clienti. Insieme, CTS e Tergeosan possono offrire soluzioni complete per la conservazione e la protezione dei beni culturali, contribuendo a salvaguardare il patrimonio culturale per le generazioni future.