Examples of laboratory implementations

Installation and training represent the culmination of our commitment to the success of our laboratories. Our team of highly skilled professionals takes care of the delivery and installation of the equipment, ensuring precise and safe installation. In addition, we provide comprehensive training to the staff responsible for using the equipment, providing them with the necessary skills to operate at their best and achieve excellence in restoration and conservation.We are the ideal partner to create functional and cutting-edge spaces, where the passion for the preservation of cultural heritage finds its highest expression. Our years of experience, our commitment to innovation, and our dedication to excellence allow us to create restoration laboratories that exceed our clients' expectations. Our goal is to preserve the beauty and authenticity of historical and monumental artworks, ensuring a lasting future for the artistic and cultural heritage of all eras and origins.

Paintings Laboratory

The collection of measurements and information is usually carried out by one of our qualified technicians, who assesses the spaces during an on-site survey.

Through 3D design, equipment is arranged, constraints and interventions are evaluated. You will have a visualization of how your laboratory will be set up.

The delivery of materials, installation, functional verification, and the start-up of the laboratory are operations carried out in full respect of the spaces by our highly qualified personnel. Our team also takes care of starting up the laboratory with the necessary training.

Stone laboratory

To initiate the realization of your laboratory, our team of highly skilled technicians meticulously collects all measurements and necessary information during a thorough inspection of the available spaces.

Using sophisticated 3D design, we arrange the strategic placement of equipment, carefully evaluating each detail and required actions. This provides you with a clear visual representation of how your laboratory will be set up.

Delivery of materials, installation, functionality verification, and laboratory startup are executed precisely and competently by our team of experts, who work with respect for the spaces and with utmost care. Additionally, we take care of providing the necessary training to the personnel involved, ensuring a safe and optimal start to activities in your new laboratory.

Paper laboratory

Our standard procedure for laboratory implementation begins with the meticulous collection of measurements and information, entrusted to one of our qualified technicians. This on-site inspection allows us to thoroughly assess the available spaces.
Next, we move on to the 3D design phase, where equipment is arranged, and interactions and interventions are evaluated. Thanks to this three-dimensional representation, you will have a clear vision of how your laboratory will look once set up.
After completing the design, we proceed with the delivery of materials and the installation. Finally, we take care of starting up the laboratory and provide the necessary training to the staff. We ensure that everything is ready to begin working efficiently and safely in your new workspace.