In an era where environmental sustainability is of paramount importance, we are committed to doing our part in preserving the environment and promoting eco-friendly practices in the field of art conservation, and making the working environment a place to value people, their talents, and their skills.

CTS attaches great importance to gender equality and diversity within the company. We promote an inclusive working environment, in which men and women have the same opportunities for professional growth and development. We maintain merit-based recruitment policies and provide support and training opportunities to ensure equal rights and treatment for all our employees.

Safety and health

Effective and safe products for those who use them
We recognize the importance of operator safety and health during the restoration process. We are committed to providing products that are not only effective in preserving and restoring artworks but also safe for those who use them. We collaborate with industry experts to develop products that are not harmful to the health of the operator, minimizing exposure to toxic and irritating substances. Our range of products is in continuous development and carefully selected and tested to ensure the minimization of substances harmful to health and the environment.