Impegno ambientale   

More aware than ever of ecological and environmental issues, CTS Europe is committed to its customers and teams to improve and expand its range of products and services.

The Company has decided, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, to improve its internal processes and avoid wasting energy and natural resources for a sustainable development

trattamento_selettivo_rifiuti.jpg    SELECTIVE TREATMENT OF WASTE     

CTS Europe has several recycling systems. Shredders and paper/cardboard collection bins are available in the headquarters and in all showrooms, offices and main production sites. As for the warehouse of restoration products, it has specific containers for the safe storage of dangerous toxic products and solvents. The operations of pouring, mixing and labeling are carried out in suitable rooms, perfectly aspirated and in compliance with the most severe regulations. All materials unsuitable for recycling are appropriately separated and disposed of through external companies


CTS Europe uses packaging made mainly with organic materials, such as paper, cardboard and wood, which can also be recycled or reused for other purposes. Damaged or unusable packaging are destroyed and disposed of as waste


CTS Europe optimizes its work spaces as much as possible: the spaces dedicated to the storage of Restoration and Conservation products, as well as the packaging material, are placed in high shelves to optimize the space on the ground, the workstations are ergonomic and suitable for each specific process


CTS Europe, to combine employee comfort and energy saving, has well-conditioned and frequently sanitized rooms. The ventilation system allows a continuous exchange of air. Electricity, for the main production activities, is generated by photovoltaic panels positioned on the roof of the warehouses. All workstations benefit from large windows to make the most of natural light, where it is not enough, low energy consumption LED lighting with motion detector is adopted


CTS Europe promotes and guarantees equal treatment between men and women; CTS Conservation has a majority of women on its staff who continue to grow and evolve.

CTS Conservation, with its partners, offers additional services dedicated to the protection of works of art affected by natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes.

Special attention is paid to the new generations of archivists and restorers, offering internship opportunities within our production of storage containers to students of art schools and academies.

CTS Conservation, when possible, tries to outsource production to small artisan companies and institutes that engage in socially useful activities such as work reintegration projects for people with disabilities or ex-prisoners