ANTI UV FILM 30x1.52 m

Reference: KPRM00000021P

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An incident luminous flux is broken down into 3 parts in contact with the film: - a flux absorbed and then reemitted in radiation - a transmitted flux which passes through the film - a reflected flux which starts in the direction of the incident flow in the opposite direction. Because it is often easier to put a film on the windows of showrooms rather than to modify the windows, the UV filters are also a good alternative for the protection of the collections under showcase. Two films are available: UV-F (very clear) and UV-X (darker). Characteristics: UV-F film Solar energy rejection: 19% Solar energy reflection: 10% Solar energy absorption: 12% Solar energy transmission: 78% Visible light transmission: 87% Visible light reflection: 10% UV rejection: 99.9% at 380 nm Shading coefficient: 0.93 Coefficient of heat gain: 0.81 Coefficient of emissivity: 0.88 Glare reduction: 1% UV-X film Solar energy rejection: 56% Solar energy reflection: 25 % Solar energy absorption: 28% Solar energy transmission: 47% Visible light transmission: 70% Visible light reflection: 21% UV rejection: 99.9% at 380 nm Shading coefficient: 0.63 Coefficient of heat gain: 0 , 55 Coefficient of emissivity: - Glare reduction: 25%

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XS117-Film protettivo U.V.

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