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The divider "La Traviata" is made of 25 mm thick Ethafoam inert material; is proposed in a standard dimension with a length of 1200 mm, channels 5 mm wide and 10 mm deep. It can be easily cut and glued to fit vertical storage boxes. Particularly suitable for the safe storage of negatives in glass plates, suitably stored in Verdi or Boito 4-fold paper envelopes
Acid free
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DIVIDER "Traviata"
1200x30x50 mm
DIVIDER "Traviata" - ETHAFOAM™ - White (Densità 37 kg/mc)

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DIVIDER "Traviata"...
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DIVIDER "Traviata"...

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DIVIDER "Traviata" - ETHAFOAM™ - White (Densità 37 kg/mc) 1200x30x50 mm